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Raptor 700R Turbo Kit

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Drag Bike

"The White Bike" featured in the May 2007 ATV Sport and May/June 2007 Sand Sports magazines. This is the Bike that started the 700 revolution.

Dyno Testing
Dyno Testing

Full Dyno testing with Dynojet 188 on location or at our shop. Theory means nothing to us, proven numbers and products that perform is what we recommend and sell. Over 4,000 bikes tested.

888cc  Duner
888cc Duner

"The Rule Bender" Winner of the Duner Class Series Championship at 2009 Sandfest.

Quads and Girls
Girls Like Quads!

Buy a Raptor and build a 804cc stroker and you too will get the girls hanging out on your bike.

804cc Quad
2007 4-Stroke Challenge Series

A Rocket Factory 804cc in the middle at Dumont Dunes.... Fast as Hell. Stoke it, port it, race it, or dune it!

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Team Rocket Factory Raptor 700 Turbo Kit

Turbo_KitGood news guys! TRF is proud to announce we are now selling the D-7 Turbo Kits for Raptor 700s with several changes to make the kit unique from us.

Over labor day weekend, we brought our bone stock 700 with D-7's turbo kit installed with no other mods done to Sand Mountain, NV and let me just say WOW!

Hill shooting, Trail riding, Duning it did it all with ease. With a stock swing arm it was hard to keep the front end down but we wanted a completely stock 700 with nothing but the D-7 turbo kit installed.Shop_Bike

90hp out of the box with no other mods was very impressive. Unfortunately there weren't as many people at the mountain as expected so there wasn't much to race against. But there were little to none that could beat it.

We are offering D-7 Turbo kits with the option to trade in your used mods for a discount on the final sale price. Mods accepted for trade are: Aftermarket Exhaust system, Intake, fuel controller, and cams.  Call For Details.

thumb_TurboWe also offer a 12 month guarantee for any part included in the turbo kit that fails (besides lack of mantainence).  Call For Details.

We will be having special sales throughout the rest of the year and expect a secret raptor build to be unveiled next spring! Look for our shop turbo raptor at Sand Mountain (Carbon Fiber F/R Plastics, Red Hood And Topper, Stock Looking) next time you are there.

Order by Phone- (775) 972-9800
                Fax- (775) 972-9801
                Email- teamrocketfactory10@gmail .com

Price Starting At- $3,650.00

Marysville 300ft Race Report

Team Rocket Factory ran 3 classes and won the Sport Bracket 4.51 and the faster class Fastest ET 4.17 ran 4.18 in the race.

Barker 12mm billet crank, 108mm bore Barker Cam and RHC / Barker Stage 3 head and Barker Throttle Body.

"Special Thanks!" to:

  • Barker Inc. for the override, pipes, head, crank, and cases - the joint venture of building a 300ft motor worked out greatly
  • Riding the bike was Rueben Flores from Rub Dub Racing who made the 8 hour journey driving all night with his friends.
  • Beau Debard of TRF his hard work, and squeezing in another build before Halloween. Beau only has 6 more engines to complete this week
  • Adam Rutherford and the Angry Beaver bike and Chassis and wheelie bar, and for showing up to see it run and offer great advice.
  • Garry LaPoint for driving down from Oregon and helping get everything ready and building the sweet new wheelie bar mount.
  • Mike Hiede,(Sub454) thanks for the Direct Drive Billet Struts. They worked great.

Also "Thanks!" to the following customers who showed up to race and support our program.

  • Steve S. 523 yfz
  • Mike R. 804, 734 Raptor 1000rr DS
  • Jesse G 839 Raptor
  • Ace Rhino 700
  • Curt E. 4mm Cub Banshee Rhino 660
  • Curtis E. Rhino 700
  • Pam R. KFX 450
  • Ryan R. LT 80
  • Dillion R. LT 80

Thanks to Marysville 300ft Track and all the people involved.

GNCC 804 TRF Racing Raptor
Team Rocket Factory's new build is on the cover of the ATV Rider Sept - Oct issue!

GNCC 804 TRF Racing Raptor
  • 8mm Barker Balance Crank
  • CNC head Ported
  • Pump Gas
  • CP 105.5 Cylinder
  • TRF 11:1 Piston

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